How the Monkeys are faring since COVID-19

Hey Monkey lovers,

During these unprecedented times, we wanted to give you a bit more of a snippet into our lives beyond the sauce. What have we been up to? Where have we been? Are we going stir-crazy? (The answer is YES!)

Like many people, we are finding ways to entertain ourselves, keep our lives structured, and pass the time. The OG Monkey has been getting creative with recipes and bringing his ‘A’ game to the dinner table. From classic favorites like meatloaf to Asian-inspired dishes like bao, we have been trying to expand our horizons to show the versatility of our sauce. Here’s some things he’s come up with!

Mama monkey has been working on beautifying the yard, planting flowers, and creating a ‘campfire’ area in our backyard while she’s not doing distance-learning with her 2nd grade students. The two brother monkeys have been working on keeping business going as usual. I’ve just finished another year of college and have been getting creative with drawing and painting, as well as in the kitchen. Here’s all the bread I’ve been making!

We’ve all been doing our own thing, exercising, staying away from public places, and using LOTS of hand sanitizer. We’re looking forward to sharing with you all some new recipes, behind-the-scenes looks into what we’re up to, and what’s to come in the future.

See you all in the next one!

The Five Monkeys

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