Update!! *hint: new flavors!!

Hey Monkey friends!

It’s been a while.

Sorry for the absence, but we’ve been busy! When we started this business venture, we knew (if it took off) that we would eventually need to start bringing some variation to the table. SO, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. We have worked tirelessly and thoughtfully to bring you two new sauces that we are incredibly proud of:

Orange Chili and Scotch Whiskey!

I know…they aren’t your typical flavors. However, our creative mindset includes the idea that we intend to be different. We don’t want to be your average sellers, we want to make something new and exciting that is out of the box. Like our original flavor, our newest flavors are made with all natural ingredients and still contain that spicy-sweet factor we’re known for. Along with our newest creations, we have been working on making our original and new flavors gluten free to appeal to a wider audience. As all the nutritional components have been approved, you can look forward to seeing our gluten free product in stores soon!

We are ecstatic to show you what we’re made of and cannot wait for you to try our delicious new products soon!

Happy Eating,

The Five Monkeys

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