Hello fellow Monkey lovers!

The last couple months have been a whirlwind! We have been working very hard to make our sauce available in as many markets, stores, and restaurants as we can. Here’s a bit of an update on how things have been going:

We are now in Raley’s in Tracy, Manteca, Oakdale, and Stockton!! We are so proud to be supporting our local grocery markets!

Our bottles are now also being sold at Mar-Val Foods in Escalon and Valley Springs. We have also added product to O’Brien’s Market on Dale Road in Modesto! We will soon be in O’Brien’s Market on Roseburg in Modesto and in Riverbank on Patterson Road!

Not only have we expanded our grocery markets, we have also entered a couple new restaurants as well! We are lucky enough to have been added to the menus at Piccadilly Deli & Sandwich Shop in Modesto and St. Stans also in Modesto. We are very proud to have our product on the menus at these wonderfully delicious establishments.

Yesterday we had two events we attended. The first (pictured below) was a sampling at Piccadilly Deli with a new panini featuring our Five Monkeys BBQ Sauce. The event went well and we were happy with the turnout.

Later, we attended another event at O’Brien’s Market on Dale Road in Modesto for their Holiday Taste Sensations. We served barbecue pulled pork slider samplers at our table and completely ran out! It was a great turnout. While there, we were interviewed by the Modesto Bee so lookout for our story in the paper and online at modbee.com!

In lieu of all the new attention our product is receiving, we will be posting recipes (FINALLY, I know!) on our website and working on making those more available to y’all.

Thank you, as always, for the loving support!

The Five Monkeys

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